Tours/Research Education Programs

The Mower County Historical Society takes great pride in providing quality education programs for area schools. Through grants, estate gifts, and individual contributions, our organization is taking the next step to improve the program.

Site visits are the most commonly used part of our program. During a visit to our site, students are led through 12 buildings by volunteers, while actively learning the history of Mower County. Students are broken down into small, manageable groups that increase learning on an individual level. Visits can take place either in the fall or spring, depending on the weather.

Another part of our program is educational outreach. With the development of the outreach program, MCHS staff will be able to bring Mower County history right to the classroom! Power Point presentations are available so please contact the staff for a list of possible presentations. If you would like your students to learn more about how historic events affected the local citizens, we can do that as well! Our staff can custom design a lesson to teach students how events, like the Great Depression, impacted Mower County. Please notify us at least three weeks ahead of the date you wish for the presentation to allow for sufficient time to complete the project.

Educational Videos/Virtual Tours

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